Conference attendees will arrange for their own accommodations, either at the Boston University Student Village or a local hotel.

Boston University Student Village
We offer an option of housing in the Boston University Student Village. These accommodations are comprised of a shared suite in a high-rise building within short walking distance (10 minutes) of the conference venue. Suites will be shared by up to four attendees. A suite consists of  four private bedrooms, two shared bathrooms, and a common kitchen and living room. The reservation form allows for groups of guests to request that they will share a suite, and we will make every attempt to accommodate such requests. For more information and to reserve:

Boston area hotels are expensive compared to many cities and when the date of the conference nears you may find rooms in short supply. We recommend that conference attendees make hotel reservations early. We have prepared more information that may assist you in reserving a hotel room near the conference venue: