Public Events

Several public event activities are associated with Neutrino 2014.

MIT Museum ExhibitDSC_1500David_Sella_720 The MIT Museum will host a special exhibit related to neutrino physics from June 1 to July 4. The primary exhibit is a large display of the IceCube detector at the South Pole, including associated equipment.

Neutrino Stories
Students in the MIT writing class 8.266 authored popular accounts on various topics in neutrino physics, culminating in a brochure to be distributed at the MIT Museum as well publication on the web. The collection is titled Neutrino Stories.

Public Event
On Saturday June 7, the museum will host the following public events:

11 AM: Boris Kayser, Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory:
on neutrinos – weird, elusive, abundant, & crucial

1 PM: Laura Gladstone, University of Wisconsin,
on neutrino physics in Antarctica

3 PM: The Neutrino 2014 Graduate Students,
on liquid argon detectors… with cryogenic ice cream!